UNIXReview: The Top UNIX Moments of the Century

“The world might seem to run on UNIX, but it wasn’t always
so. Readers opine on the best moments of everyone’s favorite

“In the high-tech-magazine biz, we report on the latest and
fastest, and so rarely have the chance to look back on those
singular moments that leapfrogged the current state of the
industry, or gave us a new perspective on an old problem. So we
asked readers to tell us what they thought were the best moments in
UNIX history. The answers vary from the retrospective to the
risqué, and illustrate UNIX’s complex and often slapdash
past. If something can be gleaned from them, it is that UNIX, in
its myriad forms, has gained a place in our imagination because of
its unshakable performance and, of course, its luminous group of

  • When gcc compiled on its second platform
  • Richard Stallman’s decision to found the FSF and initiate the
    GNU project
  • The antitrust suit against Microsoft
  • The release of Netscape on Linux
  • The day Netscape switched to the open-source model
  • The publication of Andrew S. Tannenbaum’s Operating Systems:
    Design and Implementation, to which Linux and the open-source
    movement can be traced