Update: Microsoft Fails to Gain Approval for OOXML

“Last night, I projected that the OOXML vote in ISO/IEC JTC1
would fail. I now have confirmation from someone who has seen the
official results that indeed the vote has failed.

“By way of indirect confirmation, Microsoft has issued a press
release on the OOXML vote. The release is titled Strong Global
Support for Open XML as It Enters Final Phase of ISO Standards
Process, and subtitled, ‘Significant participation by National
Bodies in ISO/IEC ratification process for Open XML; final decision
expected in March 2008 at close of ballot resolution period.’
Official confirmation will need to await the availability of the
vote from ISO (I cannot as yet find it on line), but this is not
the press release title that one would expect if the Yes votes had
carried the day…”

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ISO: Vote Closes on Draft ISO/IEC DIS 29500 Standard

“A ballot on whether to publish the draft standard ISO/IEC DIS
29500, Information technology–Office Open XML file formats, as an
International Standard by ISO (International Organization for
Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical
Commission) has not achieved the required number of votes for

“The five-month ballot process ended on 2 September and was open
to the IEC and ISO national member bodies from 104 countries,
including 41 that are participating members of the joint ISO/IEC
technical committee, JTC 1, Information technology…”