Upside: Embedded Linux companies square off in PR shoot-out

“Call it the embedded Linux community’s version of Tonkin

“After weeks of aggressive posturing and months of strategic
maneuvering, two leading embedded Linux companies, Lineo and
MontaVista Software, squared off in a high-profile public relations
shoot-out this week.”

“Although neither side appeared to draw much blood, the
circumstances of the flare-up, which revolved around differing
interpretations of the term “real-time Linux,” helped underline the
growing importance of the young embedded Linux sector. What with
three pre-IPO companies — Lineo, MontaVista and LynuxWorks — each
fighting to position itself as the No. 1 alternative to Red Hat
(RHAT) in the eyes of both investors and developers, it seemed only
a matter of time before tempers flared.”