Upside: Open Season [Q&A with Turbolinux CEO Cliff Miller]

“It’s hard to decide which fictional character best relates to
TurboLinux Chief Executive Officer Cliff Miller, Don Quixote or Don

Like the Cervantes hero, both Miller and TurboLinux seem
blissfully unaware of their surroundings. The smart money in the
market lined up long ago behind dominant Linux player Red Hat. Yet
TurboLinux happily believes it can use its status as the top
distributor of desktop and server operating systems in Japan as
leverage for invading the much-larger North American enterprise

“Then, of course, there’s the Corleone side. Since the name
switch, TurboLinux has reeled off a series of high-profile
partnerships that make you wonder who’s pulling the strings.

“Behind all the machinations stands a figure who is colorful
even by the offbeat standards of the Linux community.”