US Navy Acquisitions Site Uses Open Source CMS

“The US Navy’s research and development and acquisition policy
site at acquisition.navy.mil uses eZ Systems’ open source content
management system to help civilian and military users access the
Navy’s myriad policy documents. Before the switch to eZ Publish in
November 2003, the site was an unorganized collection of
hard-to-navigate static HTML pages. Today, IT project manager Tina
Minor, who manages the system for DOD contractor Automation
Technologies, says she really likes the customizability and low
price of open source software.

“When the Navy wanted to transition its acquisition policy site
to a content management system, budget cuts because of the war in
Iraq eliminated the option of an expensive commercial off-the-shelf
(COTS) product. ‘There was 13 years worth of data they needed to
maintain,’ Minor says…”