Use an old digital camera, gphoto2, and WordPress for automatic photo blogging

[ Thanks to Kristofer
for this link. ]

“For the What We’re Eating feature of my blog, I needed
a way to quickly take photos of our home-cooked meals. Using a
dedicated camera and a simple script I wrote, the system prompts
the user for a description of the meal, snaps the photo with the
proper zoom and flash settings, rotates and resizes the photo, and
uploades the content directly to the WordPress site so it’s
immediately visible to the outside world… all with a single
command! Read on to learn how to implement the system for your own
automatic photo blogging!

“The camera

“The system uses a dedicated camera, permanently pointed at our
dining area, connected to the computer by USB, and connected to a
wall-socket for power. The camera must be supported by the gphoto2
software. I bought a used Canon Powershot G3 from a friend and it’s
been perfect. An older, somewhat bulky camera, the G3 is less
attractive than current models for day-to-day use but has great
optics for high-quality shots.


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