Use Google Alternative YaCy and Facebook Alternative Diaspora

[ Thanks to An
Anonymous Reader
for this link. ]

“We need a Google and Facebook alternative. However, I’m not
looking for a competitor that uses a central server with one
location or company in charge. Rather, I opine we need to take a
decentralized approach to both search and social networking.
Fortunately, we have real options today: YaCy and Diaspora. YaCy is
an anonymous search engine that uses bit torrent technology.
Instead of connecting to a central Google server, where one company
controls all of the information, your computer connects to other
people’s computers all over the earth. This “team” of computers
works together to create a search result. Similar to how the
internet works, if one computer is down, the other computers pick
up the slack. The team of computers can be located all over the
world. Moreover, since there is no one company in charge of the
search results, you end up getting a non-censored result. The
following graphic helps solidify the premise.”

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