Use Mozilla Prism to add web apps to your desktop

“Mozilla Prism lets you run web apps in their own desktop window
allowing a certain degree of freedom compared to running the app in
a web browser, while restricting crashes to the app’s window.
Follow Sukrit’s step-by-step guide to find out just how easy it

“Prism is an open source project from the Mozilla team that
allows you to run web applications in standard windows, just like
desktop applications. They get their own icon and can be launched
directly from the Ubuntu menu. Application crashes are restricted
to the window they are running in. Prism comes in two different
flavours: for the desktop and as an extension for Firefox. Let’s
take a look at both.

“1. What is Mozilla Prism?Use Mozilla Prism to add web apps to
your desktop

“Mozilla Prism is what is referred to as a ‘single-site
browser’. It is a web browser implementation that allows web
applications to be integrated with a traditional desktop and act
like native applications. Launching a web app using Prism is done
in the same way as launching an application installed on your
computer, from the Applications or Start menu.”

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