Using TrueType fonts in Debian mini-HOWTO

[ Linux Today reader Bear Giles writes: ]

“Building on recent work discussed here, I have published a
mini-HOWTO on using TrueType fonts in Debian.”

“This document discusses proper configuration of your X server
with -dpi, XFS and XFSTT font servers, internationalization support
by XFSTT, telling ghostscript to use TrueType fonts instead of the
bundled fonts, enscript, groff, and more!”

“If you ever wanted to print your “man” pages in Olde English
script, this tells you how to do it. Surprise, startle and shock
your friends with “xbooks” in Klingonese!”

The HOWTO may be found here: http://www.dimensional.com/~bgiles/debian-tt.html