Utrecht LUG to Build 365-node Beowulf Cluster

“Starting March 26th 2001 Utrecht University will celebrate that
it was founded 365 years ago. Various events will be organised, all
with the theme “Knowledge @ la carte” in mind. Our contribution
will be connecting 365 computers and using them together as one
very fast supercomputer. This is known as “clustering”. To make the
computers communicate effectively we are going to use tools that
run on the operating system Linux. The technique we’ll be using is
also known as “Beowulf clustering”. If you want to learn more about
Beowulf class clusters you might want to check out the Beowulf

“You’re welcome to visit us at March 26 when the Clustrum is
running. The location will be the Minnaert building at the campus
in Utrecht.”

“Many of the computers we use for Clustrum are normally used as
workstations by students. For Clustrum we just leave these machines
where they are, thus creating a large distributed Beowulf cluster.
We can get the remainder of the 365 nodes from one of our


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