UWB Planet: FCC Says UWB Is Not a Threat to GPS

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week released a
report that indicates that ultrawideband (UWB) is no more of an
interference threat to the Global Positioning System (GPS) than a
laptop or hairdryer.

In February, the FCC approved the sale of UWB products in the
United States, but established what it called “extremely
conservative emissions limits” to assuage concerns about possible
interference with GPS. Proponents of the technology, which is
touted for its potential for short-range, high-speed data
transmissions, have argued that the limits for UWB devices are
inappropriate given the levels of radio noise emitted by other
electric devices.

Unlike conventional radio systems, which operate within a
relatively narrow bandwidth, UWB operates across a wide range of
frequency spectrum by transmitting a series of extremely narrow
(10-1000ps) and low power pulses. The commercial uses of the
technology range from wireless networks (scalable from low to ultra
high speeds) to remote sensing and tracking devices, and
ground-penetrating radars.

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