VA Research Linux Systems offering free hosting to oss projects

As posted to C.O.L.A.

Join the FSF, Debian, Themes.org , Stampede, OpenProjects and more and have
your open source and linux projects hosted, for free, on VA Researchs network.
With 100mbs upstream one hop to MAE-West and peered with  PA-CIX, we have the
connectivity you need.

For more information, either email me at chris@varesearch.com or call me at
650-934-3666 x 108. We have yet to saturate the T3, although Debian is
trying :-) If you are interested in bandwidth reports and more info without
calling or emailing, visit http://www.varesearch.com/outreach/index.html

  Chris DiBona

Director of Linux Marketing - VA Research Inc.       http://www.varesearch.com
Vice President, Silicon Valley Linux Users Group          http://www.svlug.org
Webmaster & Grant Chair, Linux International.                http://www.li.org
VA is hiring at all levels!         whois cjd32          http://www.dibona.com

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