Valentines Day Ideas for Open Source Romantics

1. Create a Valentine’s Day Card

Scribus: A store-bought card is so generic. Instead, create your own special Valentine’s Day message with Scribus. It offers professional-caliber graphic design capabilities with an amateur-friendly interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Gimp: Surprise your Valentine with the perfect photo of the two of you, or use a photo to create a card. Gimp lets you crop and edit photos with a wide range of features suitable for amateur or professional designers and photographers.Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Need a little creative boost? Start with these lovely — but geeky– Valentine’s Day quotes:
– Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF. All my base are belong to you. ~ ThinkGeek
– I never thought I would find something I love more than Linux. ~ Garden Fun