Valve reveals 12 hardware partners, cheap Steam Machine unveile

Though the lid has not yet been completely blown off of Valve’s Steam Machine initiative, it has been barely hanging on for a while now. First, we saw iBuyPower’s take on the Steam Machine, an affordable $499 console-like box that was promised to be able to run every available game at 1080p and 60fps. The catch probably being that for the low price, iBuyPower likely meant every game available on Steam OS, which is a Linux-based platform and thus doesn’t have many powerful games to run. Following that, we saw Piixl’s Jetpack Steam Machine — a unique flat case that attaches to the back of your television and supposedly doesn’t get in the way of wall-mounting. The price of this machine starts at $1,000, and can be customized with better hardware to raise the price even higher.