Valve’s Latest SteamOS Beta Comes with Flatpak Support, Linux Kernel 4.11.12

The SteamOS 2.121 update was pushed earlier to the Brewmaster Beta channel, and it looks like it comes only two and a half weeks after the previous release, namely SteamOS 2.119, which upgraded the kernel packages to Linux 4.11.8 to fix a crash with the PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller when used with the Steam for Linux client. Now the SteamOS 2.121 is here to bump the kernel packages (linux, firmware-free, and firmware-nonfree) again, rebasing them on the upstream Linux 4.11.12, as well as to import some of the latest security updates from the Debian Jessie repositories, fixing important issues for Apache2, Samba, BIND9, and Evince applications.