VNU Net: Meet Mozilla, the go-anywhere browser

“Leaving aside market share figures (which have favoured
Microsoft Internet Explorer for more than a year and a half now),
there’s probably never been a better time to be a true Netscape
fanatic, because there’s so much Netscape to choose from. The
Version 4 series lives on, Netscape 6 provides new twists on the
old themes Netscape itself made famous – and then there’s Mozilla,
the open-source, separated-at-birth twin.”

“For unbelievers, prospects for a full Netscape recovery remain
muddled, however. AOL has yet to find a way to end its own
relationship with Microsoft and replace the hybrid Explorer-based
AOL browser with the Netscape technology it paid billions of
dollars for. For those scoring at home, such a switch would have a
dramatic overnight impact on browser market share – AOL users are
rightly considered part of the Explorer user base.”

“If you believe the ‘post-PC era’ is becoming a reality,
Mozilla is positioned perfectly as the browser you can use
… The trouble is that, as a browser, Mozilla has
very little open territory to conquer. Microsoft’s strategy of
bundling Internet Explorer worked like a charm, relegating Netscape
to second-class web citizen.”


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