VNU Net: SuSE ports Linux to Sun’s Sparc

By John Geralds, VNU

European Linux distributor SuSE Linux has ported its version of
the open source software to Sun Microsystems’ Sparc architecture to
strengthen its offerings for the enterprise market.

SuSE already supports PowerPC processors, IBM’s S/390 and
RS/6000 platforms, Digital’s Alpha chips and Intel platforms.

Dirk Hondel, SuSE’s chief technology officer, said: “The
community of Linux users worldwide continues to grow, and we are
meeting the current and future needs of the market. With the
addition of the Sparc architecture, SuSE continues to support the
porting of Linux to the enterprise level.”

Sun’s Sparc-based workstations and servers have been enjoying a
resurgence among ISPs and universities recently, and have found
success in software and electronic development, mechanical
construction, printing and electronic media, telecoms, banking,
insurance and financial sectors.

“The Sparc platform is extremely stable and the addition of
Linux creates an ideal server environment,” said Hondel.

SuSE has been working to strengthen its enterprise focus and
last month agreed with IBM to ship single-CD versions of SuSE Linux
7.0 with every IBM Netfinity server model 1000, 3000 and 3500 M20
in Europe until the end of the year. The agreement also enables IBM
to ship Netfinity servers pre-loaded or bundled with a full version
of SuSE Linux.

SuSE and Advanced Micro Devices last month agreed to port SuSE
Linux to the chip maker’s latest 64bit architecture, x86-64, while
also teaming up with Oracle to push Oracle-based Linux systems.

SuSE Linux for Sparc can be downloaded free of charge from

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