vnunet.com: Three Reasons NOT to Use Gnome

[ Thanks to Hans
for this link. ]

I’ve always been a proponent of choice. Maybe it has to do with
my biology study, I don’t know. Variation makes a population
stronger and resilient. A few days ago, I wrote an article on
comp.lang.forth, passionately arguing that the ANS Forth standard
should allow even more diversity in architectures, command sets and
design objectives. That’s why I like Open Source. Whatever you’re
looking for, somebody has done it. If not, you can always start a
new project.

“So, it is only logical that there is a large variety of desktop
environments and window managers. Even more than you can imagine.
One of my favorite Linux magazines, the German ‘Linux User’ has a
monthly section dedicated to it. Although I don’t have any
intention to change my desktop, it is nice to see what people come
up with. Some solutions I find even tempting…”

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