VNUnet: Fujitsu Siemens closes last door for Solaris on Intel

“The Solaris on Intel initiative effectively died yesterday
as one of its biggest advocates Fujitsu Siemens endorsed a
non-Intel server architecture. Fujitsu Siemens is shipping Solaris
servers running on… a Sparc chip designed by Fujitsu

“Fujitsu Siemens, together with other Unix vendors like HP and
SGI, have been ringing the death knell for their Risk platforms
plotting a roadmap converging on Intel’s IA-64 architecture. But
continuing delays to the IA-64 line and a lack of confidence that
Intel’s chips will be successful in the high-end enterprise space
has left vendors scrabbling to prolong the life of their Risk
server lines.”

“IBM/SCO Monterey will begrudgingly be offered on IA-64, but
only as a shrink-rapped operating system, not as part of the
enterprise offerings, [Fujitsu Siemens VP of strategic marketing
Joseph] Reger however admits that Monterey is more enterprise-like
today than the infantile Linux.”


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