Want to Meet Four Men Who Dared to Fight MS–And Won?

“Right after the Court of First Instance announced its verdict
Monday upholding the EU Commission’s finding that Microsoft abused
its monopoly, our own Sean Daly did an interview with the
following: Georg Greve of FSFE, Jeremy Allison and Volker Lendecke
of Samba, and Carlo Piana, their lawyer of record in the case. It’s
a delight…

“This is living history. I wanted you and your children and your
grandchildren to know some of those they can thank, because when
almost all the vendors were signing peace pacts with Microsoft,
taking settlement money and slinking away from the case, they
stayed to fight to the end. Their role was essentially to speak for
FOSS and to make sure the court and the EU Commission understood
the technology and the needs of Linux and Samba and all those
trying to compete with Microsoft from the Free Software/Open Source
community. Unbelievably, they won…”