We want our freedom!

[ Thanks to Linux User &
Developer magazine
for this link. ]

“If you go and buy an MP3 file from the HMV website, it’ll
generally cost you around 79p for a track. That’s a great price,
especially for those who were paying more than that to buy 7-inch
singles back in the 1980s. We went through CD singles at
£3.99, and finally technology met price met supply, and 79p
turned out to be a welcome central point. It’s a fair price, which
passes on the benefits of a digital delivery system.

“And personally, I have no problem in paying people for good
work. If someone has put together a song that I like, I have no
inherent right to have that for free. If they want to give it to me
for free, I’m not going to say no to that. But often, with Linux,
the whole ‘free’ issue gets a little clouded for me. I know this is
banging a well-beaten drum, but it’s the freedom aspect of free
that interests me more. Heck, I’d have no trouble handing over
£20-30 for something as useful as LibreOffice, and the open
source community works on the honour system to facilitate