Web Review: LinuxWorld Expo: A Showcase for Linux

Thanks to Randy Leon for this link.

“Impressions and Musings at LinuxWorld Expo”

“I walk onto the exhibit floor and what I see looks like a
small-scale version of Comdex. The companies you’d expect to see at
a Linux conference are here, of course: Red Hat and S.u.S.E. and
Debian and Linux Mall and O’Reilly and Associates. But the view
from the doorway is dominated by big banners and signs for the big
guys’ booths: Compaq. IBM. Computer Associates. Oracle.
Hewlett-Packard. Corel. Sybase. Caldera. Sun. Pick Systems.”

“While eating lunch sitting on the floor next to the Free
Software Foundation booth, I peruse the Jan/Feb issue of IEEE
Software, with its focus on Linux. What strikes me is that the most
expansive pieces, such as the interview with Eric Raymond, are the
most convincing, while the cautionary pieces seem uninformed and
irrelevant. Can no one articulate a good case against the continued
growth of the Linux user-base?”