Web Servers: Don’t Count Apache Out

“There’s been discussion in the open source world about a
decline in the popularity of the dominant Apache web server. These
concerned are fueled largely by the Netcraft survey of the
internet, which shows a 20% decline in Apache’s market share over
the last three years, from a high near 70% to the 50% or so it
enjoys today. But bearing in mind the old saw about lies and
statistics, it’s worth digging a bit more to see what these numbers

“Looking at Netcraft’s figures more closely, it becomes apparent
that this is more than an ‘Apache vs. IIS’ battle. One significant
change for the Apache numbers happened in mid-2007, when the 8
million or so Google-served sites started reporting themselves as
‘GFE’ rather than Apache–even though GFE may well be a private
fork of the Apache codebase…”