Webopedia Term of the Day: What is Ubuntu Codenames?

“Ubuntu utilizes two-word codenames in the development of future
releases of the Linux-based operating system. While the official
Ubuntu releases carry a version number in the form of X.YY, with
the ‘X’ representing the year and the ‘YY’ signifying the month of
the official release, the Ubuntu codenames use an ‘adjective
animal’ combination, or an adjective word followed by the name of
an animal, typically one that’s unique or not all that well

“The Ubuntu codenames are always alliterations, and they have
generally ascended in alphabetical order with each successive
release, although not always with the next letter in the alphabet
used. The quirky codename game started with development of the
v4.10 release of Ubuntu in 2004 under the codename of Warty
Warthog. Hoary Hedgehog (v5.04) followed in April 2005, Breezy
Badger (v5.10) in October 2005 and Dapper Drake (v6.06) in June