We’re Taking an Open Direction with Web Communities: Are You In?

“For the community of community owners, operators, moderators,
and members: we need better options, and I believe we need them to
exist on open platforms. We all have different tastes and we all
use different tools, but I think we all can accept that community
software should help us grow and flourish. One potential platform
for us is found in Drupal, an open source content management system
(CMS) that can be molded into a powerful, integrated suite of
community experiences–something that can help us make sense of all
these social networks we belong to.

“For the geeks: Drupal has so much power in its core, and enough
fantastic community-contributed modules, that I think it’s time to
assemble an Install Profile, complete with beautiful (accessible,
microformat’ed, high quality) themes, pre-set Views for any Web
community to either install on their own or have hosted at any
given Web host that supports Drupal with optimizations…”

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