What does it takes to be a good open source citizen?

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“In the wake of the Banshee/Canonical kerfuffle, many
community members and watchers have been quick to point the finger
of blame at Canonical for being too quick to grab the revenue
believed to belong to Banshee or its upstream developers, GNOME.

“My friend Joe Brockmeier summed the situation up nicely when he
broke the story last month:

“”…Banshee is a media/music player for Linux that has support
for purchasing music via Amazon MP3. The revenues have always gone
directly to the GNOME Foundation. Historically, the default music
player in Ubuntu has been Rhythmbox, but that’s changing in 11.04
to Banshee. The problem, at least as Canonical seems to see it?
Amazon MP3 support in Banshee competes with Ubuntu’s own

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