What is ChromeOS. Really.

[ Thanks to Stefano
for this link. ]

“Is it a threat to Microsoft ? Is it a threat to the
Ubuntu ?

“(funny nobody wonders if that’s a threat to Apple,
especially considering everything is a threat to Apple, even being
able to take DRM free songs *out* of the freaking iPod)

“I’ll just assume you’ve already read the OMG !
ChromeOS Live Blog.

“Now, let’s examine extract some important points:

“18:13: Netbooks incredibly popular; most people have important
data stored in the cloud; webapps most successful platform so

“First keyword: Netbooks. But let’s go on.

“18:15: ChromeOS to be super fast, boot should be just like
switching a TV on! Chrome will be even faster on Chrome OS than any
other OS.

“Another important thing: Super fast boot.

“18:15 Better model of computing = Chrome OS.

“Whahahah 🙂 This is not important, but I find it very

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