What Myth Do You Want To Kill Today?

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for this link. ]


“I think I want to run knitting needles through my eyes and
brush my gums with a potato peeler.

“Look, we’re going to knock this down right here, and for all
time, unless of course it gets proven wrong. I doubt that it ever
will. this is going to be Linux security 101 for people that you
send here to get the real story on how it works. It’s going to be
told via mildly condescending story-telling techniques and simple
analogies. It won’t go into Guru depth but we’ll drill far enough
down and unpack it enough to make our point. Is that elitist? Sure
it is, but we’re already accused of that anyway.

“They haven’t advanced the ball a bit by saying it.

“Securing an environment of Windows platforms from abuse –
external or internal – is akin to trying to install sprinklers in a
fireworks factory where smoking on the job is permitted…Gene

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