What Netflix Needs is Linux

[ Thanks to Matt D. for
this link. ]

“In the past, I have always found it comical when companies have
found themselves buying into the need to protect their content with
DRM because of the pressure from the music and movie industries.
Well, it seems that Netflix is no different, but I have to ask: is
the DRM protection really needed in their case for online movie
viewing? Personally, I think there is another way to protect the
content and do so without traditional DRM headaches as well.

“Since I have no idea whether or not they can ever get the movie
industry to go for it, I must ask: has Netflix considered taking a
Flash approach to viewing content, similar to Pandora? Granted,
Pandora is having some problems now on the legal front, but it is
not due to DRM specifically. In their case, it is the issues of
taxing them out of existence…”


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