Who Needs Windows 7 When You’ve Got KDE?

“Of course, exactly what Windows 7’s new features are can be
difficult to tell. The features list is as much a marketing
document as a technical one. In places it’s more apt to give you an
overdose of adjectives than any specifics. Nor is every feature
available in every edition of Windows 7.

“Then, too, a few listed features, such as 64-bit support, are
so far from new that I wonder why they are mentioned.

“Another difficulty is the sheer scope of the comparison. A
desktop is a big place, and you can easily miss features because on
one desktop they are part of a default installation and on another
they are an option squirreled away beneath several layers of

“Still, when such matters are taken into account, in terms of
features, Windows 7 appears a minor upgrade at best. Judging from
the advertising, it has no killer apps that outperform KDE, and its
few unique features may turn out to be oddities rather than
genuinely useful features.”

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