Who’s a candidate for Desktop Linux? Your Kids.

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

““Hannah Montana Linux” as it is currently
deployed — vanilla Ubuntu or Kubuntu Linux with a fun theme
pack of your child’s choosing — would not be an
appropriate choice to give to very young kids and allow them to use
unsupervised. While spyware and viruses would not be a concern,
you’d still have to add some sort of content-filtering
service, such as ContentWatch, to block out anything that you
don’t want your kids to see.

“What I envision as a product is essentially a Live CD or light
virtual machine (via VMWare Player or other mechanism that would
lock children into a “sandboxed” environment) that you
can run on any PC or Mac that when combined with content filtering
technology, such as via a special proxy service via a SAAS
application, that would allow parents to control exactly what they
want their kids to be able to see.”


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