Why Choose Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Over VMware or Microsoft?

[ Thanks to Amy Newman< for this link. ]

“Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) doesn’t seem to sell RHEV based on the
features it offers, and that’s probably because it lacks a few key
ones. Despite Thadani promising as long ago as February 2010 that
“you will be able to do an apples-for-apples feature comparison
between us and VMware,” RHEV is still quite a few pieces of fruit
short of a full picnic basket vis a vis VMware.

“One example is its ability to carry out the live migration of
virtual machine disk files across storage arrays — the feature
VMware (NYSE: VMW) calls Storage vMotion. A RHEV equivalent has
been on Red Hat’s road map since the launch of RHEV, but its
arrival still doesn’t appear to be imminent.”

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