Why don’t manufactures get together and get Microsoft out of the loop?

[ Thanks to Edmundo
for this link. ]

“Why don’t computer manufactures get in cahoots and get
Microsoft out of the demi-god loop? I mean, computer manufactures
are struggling because their profit out of every sell are very
small… in the meantime, Microsoft is laughing its ass off while
making millions upon millions over their sells of Windows 7 (or so
they say).

“If any of the manufacturers dared getting out of the Microsoft
way (you know, let’s push Linux a bit harder, let’s not say we
recommend Windows 7, etc, etc), Microsoft would just need to get
the price of Windows 7 licenses a little higher to force the
manufacturer into red numbers (if it isn’t already, of course) and
teach the bully a lesson, right?”

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