Why open source needs Simon Cowell

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Developer magazine
for this link. ]

“Noel Gallagher, of all people, is a fan of Simon Cowell. Not
many of us would have seen that coming, but it’s a topic that’s
apparently come up in a few interviews the former Oasis guitarist
has given over the past year. The one that interested me, though,
was when Gallagher told Shortlist magazine that “if the music
business was full of people like him, it would be a better place
because he’s real”. Richard Stallman, then.

“The tragic, horrifically early death of Steve Jobs last year
led to a media torrent, with commenters and journalists tumbling
over themselves to get across what they had to say. At their most
extreme, it came across as if Steve Jobs himself had invented the
computer, and come around to each of our houses to sort out our
media collections in person.”

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