Why the CBC banned Creative Commons music from its shows

[ Thanks to Bernard Swiss
for this link. ]

“Not a lot of happy Canadians over on the comments page
for CBC Radio’s program Spark. The producers for the radio show,
blog, and podcast on technology issues have disclosed that the
program won’t be using Creative Commons licensed materials any

“The mention came after a fan posted that he couldn’t locate
mention of the Creative Commons music used in the episode.

“”I can’t find the link?” he noted. “Perhaps I’m looking in the
wrong place?”

“”You’re not looking in the wrong place,” came a reply. “There’s
simply no Creative Commons music used in this episode. By
management decree, CBC podcasts are no longer permitted to use CC
music. Instead, we’re using the APM Music library
(http://www.apmmusic.com/), which is copyright cleared and fully
licensed by the CBC.””

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