Why Windows Is Good for Business

“The Linux and Mac operating systems fill a relative niche in
the world of technology, yet that has never stopped loyal followers
of either platform from being a very vocal minority Quixotically
tilting at windmills and proudly asserting the superiority of their
given OS.

“Although they’ve both been around for decades, Linux and Mac
combined make up less than ten percent of the overall operating
system market. Steve Ballmer recently underscored this simple fact,
telling an audience that “ninety-five percent of the world’s
computers run Windows. They don’t run Mac, they don’t run

“Microsoft Windows provides features and benefits for business
that can’t be matched by competing platforms.Market share alone
does not make an OS better. Many arguably superior technologies
have lost the marketing war and faded to oblivion. However,
Katherine Noyes–a PCWorld peer of mine and Linux aficionado–makes
the bold claim that Windows is bad for business. Sheer market share
aside, there are a number of reasons that Microsoft Windows is
undeniably good for business.”

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