WideOpenNews: IDC: Linux Servers Red Hot

“IDC pins Linux growth on its reliability and strength in the
Web market.”

Dubbing Linux “red hot” in the server market, IDC released
quarterly data showing that Linux server shipments increased 166
percent in the the fourth quarter of 1999 from the fourth quarter
of 1998.
The news comes only two months after IDC surprised
itself — if not the Linux community — with a report that Linux
had grown to become the second most popular server OS shipped in
1999, behind only the NT. IDC previously projected that Linux would
be number two in 2002 or 2003.”

“IDC is pegging much of the OS’s growth on its strength in the
rapidly escalating Web market, citing a recent survey of Linux
users who deployed the system to support Web hosting, proxy/caching
services, and email. “More than 40 percent of all spending on Linux
servers is for Internet-related applications,” noted Michelle
Bailey, research manager for IDC. “Linux servers are now embedded
in the Internet infrastructure and are strong competition for NT
and Unix entry servers.”