WideOpenNews: TurboLinux Releases First IA-64 Linux Distro

“The Linux vendor released an alpha version of its
Itanium-compatible operating system. More Linux distributors are
expected to quickly follow suit….”

“Monday Brisbane, Calif.-based TurboLinux became the first
company to release a test version of the Linux operating system for
Intel’s long-delayed Itanium chip. But TurboLinux may soon be
sharing its celebratory champagne as competing Linux distributors
such as SuSE, Red Hat, and Caldera Systems are expected to quickly
follow suit.”

Contrary to the standard cutthroat race to be first to
market, the Linux distributors have been working together on the
common goal of porting Linux to the new 1-GHz chip under a project
called Trillian.
Trillian is led by VA Linux (according to the
Trillian website, VA is vendor neutral because it “is not in the
Linux software distribution business”), and incorporates
contributions from the usual big names in Linux — SuSE,
TurboLinux, Red Hat, etc. — as well as IBM, HP, and Intel, whose
interests lie in the hardware and server markets….”