Will The Real Open Source CRM Please Stand Up?

[ Thanks to Michael
for this link. ]

Dana Blankenhorn’s story How far can open source CRM get? has
finally pushed me to respond to the many people who have asked
‘When is the OSI going to stand up to companies who are flagrantly
abusing the term ‘open source’?’ The answer is: starting today.

“I am not going to start by flaming Dana. As President of the
Open Source Initiative, I feel a certain amount of responsibility
for stewardship of the open source brand, including both the
promotion of the brand as well as the protection of the brand. The
topic of ‘what is really open source and what is not?’ has been
simmering for quite some time. And until last year the question was
trivial to answer, and the answer provided a trivial fix. But
things have changed, and its time to regain our turf…”


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