WINMAG: Is Microsoft Ripping Us Off?

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“…in recent years, Microsoft has gone to the well more
frequently, and with significantly less in the offing.”

“In order to stay ahead of the pack, to stave off AOL and Linux
and the DOJ and many other opponents on several other playing
fields, Microsoft has to stay well out in front on leading
innovation with the world’s most widely distributed commercial
desktop operating system. Windows 98 Second Edition adds
architectural support for a short laundry list of more or less
plumbing features. Although a much larger undertaking, Win98 was
nearly three years in the making. We were ready for an upgrade. The
Millennium version of Win9x will probably sport some user interface
changes, and support for a short stack additional technologies.
Microsoft is staying ahead of the Joneses. But they’re asking you
and me to foot the bill for that. And it’s time we told them no