Wired: Judge Comes Down Hard on MS

“In 207-pages on the facts established at trial, District Judge
Thomas Penfield Jackson said Microsoft’s actions had done consumers
harm and the company had used its power to punish competing

The ruling, which sets the stage for a later ruling on
whether Microsoft’s actions broke the law, largely sided with the
U.S. Justice Department and 19 states that brought the case against
the high-technology powerhouse.”

” ‘Three main facts indicate that Microsoft enjoys monopoly
power,’ Jackson said, citing the company’s large and stable market
share, the high barriers to market entry and the lack of a
commercially viable alternative to the Windows operating

‘Many of these actions have harmed consumers in ways that are
immediate and easily discernible,’ another part of Jackson’s ruling
said. ‘They have also caused less direct but nevertheless serious
and far-reaching consumer harm by distorting
competition.’ “

[ Quotes key sections pertaining to: monopoly power, harm to
consumer, harm to other firms, battle with Netscape – LT ed. ]


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