Wired Republic: Open Source Country Part 2: GNU Shows The Way

[ Thanks to beh
for this link. ]

Combing through the Malaysian Linux Users Group discussion
board I chanced upon a thread in which a couple of guys were
discussing starting up Open Source activities in Malaysia.

Hopped over there and had a look. Pretty quiet mailing list. Lets
light a fire under the floorboards and see if anyone’s awake in
here when the smoke comes up.”

“Pretty soon we were writing an FAQ, putting up a server and
getting people together (but more about the my-opensource.org in a
later rant). In writing the FAQ, I was confronted with the need to
read the GNU material, and (trying) to summarise it coherently in
fewer sentences to any newbie (ie: newer than me that is) whom we
wanted to target the FAQ at.”

“After reading a lot of the GNU material I found that the road I
thought I was one had disappeared beneath my feet. The tarmac had
now turned uphill instead of descending downwards, and the big
signpost posted over the turnpike read “Welcome to the Land of the
Free Wizards of Code.”