Wired: Sun Never Sets on Linux

Americans may prefer Microsoft, but international computer
users are finding solidarity in Linux….

“The popularity of the software with computer users outside the
United States was obvious at this week’s Linux Expo North America
in Montreal, where 90 percent of exhibitors were from other
countries, said Stéphane Labrouche, vice president of Sky
Events Group, the show’s Paris-based promoter….”

“Liebovitch said he isn’t quite sure he can pin down the
national character trait that makes Canadians so gung-ho for Linux,
though he speculated “it could be that, as a society, we’re more
comfortable with cooperative ventures.”

“On the other hand, he’s quick to point out that Dutch, German,
and Swedish users, as well as those from Linux creator Linus
Torvald’s native Finland, are just as excited about the open-source
operating system.”