X.org Releases Version 7.3, Gets Hotplugging Support

“X.org is the underlying graphical workhorse that powers pretty
much every desktop installation on Linux and Unix operating
systems. Today marked the mildly delayed new release of X.org
version 7.3, which corresponds to server version 1.4. The X.org
community has been working out the last of the bugs since their
code-base became semi-frozen on August 1st (which they refer to as
‘Code Slush’) and are now confident that the release will be worth
the wait. The so-called killer feature of this version of X is the
new support for hotplugging of input devices (such as keyboard,
mice, touchscreens) as well as output devices (monitors,
projectors, and so forth).

“These features have been missing for ages in X and have now
been implemented thanks in large part to a few very dedicated

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