Xappeal.org: Linux and OS X: A Comparison

“Linux and OS X are big server products that are touted as being
stable and performing brilliantly. In this article we will go point
by point examining each platforms strengths and weaknesses.”

“OS X serves up a mature, hybrid GUI from the NeXTStep OS and
MacOS. Both of these OSes are fairly old, and their flexibility,
and completeness shows it. It offers a lot to the novice system
administrator, or for the office that can’t afford an in-house or
freelance tech to set it up and maintain it. Linux has no GUI, but
a command line interface… OS X, its maturity and ease of use give
it the leg up…”

Author Simon Helton concludes: “In my personal opinion, Linux is
only free if your time is worthless. It offers great stability, but
OS X is ready to go NOW, and anyone who has used the MacOS or
NeXTStep can probably set up a server using it in an


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