XML.com: Fooling with XUL [Mozilla]

[ Thanks to S.Ramaswamy for this link.

“With the interest and excitement surrounding Mozilla’s
approaching beta release, I decided it was time to put it through
its paces. For a while now we have heard and seen presentations of
XUL, the Extensible User Interface Language, which forms an
integral part of Mozilla. Delegates at XTech 2000 were clearly
excited by the project and its promise for delivering a richer user
interface on the Web.”

As far as buzzword-compliance goes, Mozilla boasts a host
of W3C specifications, including XML, DOM, CSS, and RDF. I wanted
to find out how all these bits fit together in reality
, and
how practical client-side development with Mozilla actually is. I
attacked the problem in my favorite way, by just jumping in with an
idea I wanted to implement.”

“One of the fun parts of the Mozilla browser is the sidebar.
Working in a similar way to the so-called “Explorer” bars in
Microsoft’s browser, the sidebar allows for handy access to
components such as bookmarks, search, and “What’s Related?” I
decided that a shortcut interface to the XMLhack site would be a
reasonable-sized learning project to undertake.”