Yahoo!/AP: Can Gates Become an Innovator?

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“Bill Gates and the company he co-founded, Microsoft, are known
for many things. Within the technology community, however,
innovation is not one of them.”

“Now, however, Gates has adopted a new role as Microsoft’s
“chief software architect,” handing off his chief executive
responsibilities to president Steve Ballmer. After making his mark
as a businessman, Gates wants, figuratively, to head back to the
garage – in his case, a 40-car parking structure – and tinker

““My guess is that Bill Gates simply doesn’t have anything to
prove any more, and he found out that the last few years haven’t
been all that pleasant,” said Linus Torvalds, founder and
chief architect of the rival Linux operating system. “My guess
is that that he’s really found out that he can do more interesting

“Microsoft’s rise from a dorm room discussion to become the
highest-valued American company is the most stunning business story
of the past quarter century.”

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