Yet Another Poll: This Time on ZDTV

[ Thanks to Thomas
for this link. ]

ZDTV — soon to be TechTV — is running its own poll to see if
folks will be upgrading their OS to Windows ME in the near future,
and a reader asked us to pass along the information. I would be
surprised to see any shenanigans from the creators of this poll,
because a) ZDTV is a pretty reliable source of information (I get
it on the dish), b) Leo and his crew regularly cover Linux in a
very fair manner (full disclosure: I’ve been a guest on ZDTV’s The
Screen Savers to shill my Linux books, and it was a hoot!), and c)
ZDTV isn’t really tainted by any association with ZDNet, since the
television unit was split off a long time ago. (Hence the upcoming
name change.) So check out the poll; you don’t really need to send
a signal to Leo and his crew, but any fair poll deserves our

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