Yet More Filings in Novell–Why SCO Wants No Mention of IBM or Groklaw

“Lots of new filings in SCO v. Novell. Now the mystery clears as
to why SCO wants no mention of the IBM litigation or Groklaw in the
SCO v. Novell trial. In its Reply Memorandum in Support of its
Motion In Limine to Exclude All Evidence Related to Other
Litigation and Commentary Thereon [PDF], we hear its reasoning. I
gather SCO would like SCO’s CEO Darl McBride not to be quoted. I’m
sure you can understand why those old quotes from 2003 and 2004
about SCO owning System V copyrights and all the information about
what kind of licenses the Sun and Microsoft agreements were would
be undesirable from SCO’s viewpoint nowadays…”