ZDNet Australia: NSW Police Investigate Linux

“The New South Wales Police chief information officer, Tony
Rooke, says open-source systems deployed by the state’s police
force are equally as reliable as proprietary systems.

“The NSW Police is currently undertaking a major upgrade to its
information infrastructure, made necessary due to the
‘exponentially increasing’ volume of data handled by the force.
Attributing some of the increase to the higher volume of digital
evidence in the form of multimedia content, such as surveillance
videos and audio material, Rooke said the higher capacity network
will more efficiently archive and transmit evidentiary material. A
new data centre has also been established to mitigate risks posed
by potential terrorist acts against police information systems, and
assist in disaster recovery and avoidance, Rooke said. While the
deployment of open-source technology is not a stated goal of the
initiative, the chief information officer said the force has been
dipping its ‘toe in the water’ with open source tools and operating
systems and is assessing their potential…”


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